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Point Construction:

Zen Custom Cue is using recut technology. The recut technology is work as a suspension. Which is to give better feedback and hit to the player. We do recut layers from 1 to 4 layers. Every wood has different characteristics, the different matching might affect the hit theoretically. But Zen Custom Cue has developed his own professional tuning skills so as to reduce the differences.

Veneers Construction:

The veneers' construction is used by the dyed wooden board to shave to standard sizes that match the layers. It is NOT a recut technology. First, the cue maker will measure the gap between the recut point and the color veneers. Then, he will do the recut point to glue it tight on the based wood. After that, fill the color veneers and glue them tight. Finally, the cue maker will shave it and do the polish to make sure the forearm looks best. Three layers are the maximum of the color veneers.



We use the CNC machine to dig up the design on the based wood, the machine will drill into the base wood 1 to 2mm. Then the cue maker will shave the matched materials and shape to get it tight on the hollow. The filling-up process will be done by hand.


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