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Four categories for Zen Custom Cue shaft. 95 shaft, XPRO shaft, 83 shafts, and CQ shaft. 


All are one-piece maple shafts have different ratings due to the wood grain and tightness of the wood rings. All of the shafts are aiming by low deflection, even it is one piece maple.


One-piece maple shafts cant be the same hardness. Zen’s cue maker will classification every batch of the maple wood intensity to rate it. There are three levels of maple wood for Zen to making shaft. The code of it is l/ll. I=H (hardest) ll=M (medium). This two-level of maple shaft is high intensity. And the softest level of the wood will use for 95 shafts.


We also put the R code on some shaft, which means that we put the titanium alloy screw inside the joint. This design can decrease deflection and increase the stability of the following. It means it gets an accuracy pot.

95 Shaft


95 shaft is used for American Pool. And it is the fifth generation now so that we call it 95 shafts.

This shaft is identified to play for the American pool, therefore the vibration is better than other types.

95 shaft also has a fattest taper overall. The diameter of the ferrule is 12.8mm and 29.5 inches long.


XPRO Shaft


XPRO shaft is used by high-intensity maple wood. The weight is more than 3.9oz normally. It lasts for 19.7 inches from the ferrule before it tapers thicket to the joint. The taper is a firm and stiffer taper with less flex at the front end of the shaft yet still manages to keep a good level of the whip to help impart spin on the cue ball with lower than average deflection for a maple shaft. His shaft is ideal for players that like a firm and stiffer hitting cue with good feedback. XPRO is all using high-intensity maple wood. The diameter of the ferrule is 12.4mm and 29.5 inches long.


83 Shaft 


83 shaft is a crate for playing Chinese Pool. This shaft is really ‘customization’ because the taper of every ferrule is according to every single player's needs. The cue maker will discuss with the owner to make sure which taper will be used. The reason why Zen put the taper concept on ferrule is that the Chinese Pool needs an accurate pot. And also get harder after we sand the ferrule. The diameter of the ferrule is 11.75mm for standard and 29.3 inches long.


CQ Shaft


CQ shaft is also used for the Chinese Pool. The special of the CQ shaft is it has a shorter ferrule and get a taper on it. The difference with 83 shafts is about the cue action. Some player has different style cue action, it is acceptable that to punch in the cue ball and won't affect the cue ball running. CQ shaft is the shortest and the smallest diameter shaft of Zen Custom Cue. It only gets 11.5mm and 28.94inches. 



The high-quality shaft has had the red dragon logo is rated as the best due to its tight grain and clean shaft color without blemishes.


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