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  • 作家相片Ho Sum Lo

Team Zen Custom Cus

2022 10-Ball Las Vegas

Team Zen Custom Cue 🎉🎉

Wu Kun Lin: Quarter-finalist 🎊🎊

Chang Yu Long: Top 9🎊🎊

Ko Pin Yi: Top 9🎊🎊

Ko Pin Chung: Ranking 65🎉🎉

Ko Pin Han: Ranking 129🎉🎉

Well done for Wu Kun Lin. He did a very good job🎊🎊🎊

Got unlucky on the shootout section. Yu Long Chang got beat by the shootout section too.

For Ko’s brother, they turned to Zen Custom Cue for less than one month.

Wish them get best luck on the World 10-Ball Championship 💪💪💪💪

COME ON‼️‼️ Team Zen Custom Cue‼️

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