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About Us

Welcome to Zen(仁杆) Custom Cue;

the cuemakers name is Azen Chen from Taiwan. He has been cue-making for over 13 years. His designs are intricate and show a far eastern influence to represent his heritage.


Zen's focus on his cues matches aesthetics and playability to make the best cue a player can use. Visually pleasing, while high performance at the same time.

When ordering a cue from Zen, you have 2 options available.

Existing cue design

Custom cue design

Existing cue design

Zen has numerous models you can pick from to build a cue from 6 points (3 high 3 low) to 8 Point cues to plain Jane cues. Zen cues can be customised with veneer color, rings and point material; however, the design is uniformed to an extent.


Brand new Custom Design Cues

With this option, you can build a fully customised cue; this will be a 1 off cue made with your and Zen's design thinking behind the cue. These cues require a longer production time and, depending on the design, will require patience for the best cue to be built.

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